Yeh, it is now some months that I fell in love with wonderful people here. I consider any of them as my friends, maybe they don’t consider me as the same way, but you know I don’t really care, cause, I think that the more important is that they make me feel better when I see them on my dash or when I talk with them.

Nicka [liqhtwood]: Baby, I love you so much, you’re amazing, you make me laugh so hard sometimes, and when I talk with you, idk, I’m just fine. And I promise, I swear that if Max kills you, I will revenge you cause I don’t want to lose you. Never.

Booboo [maraudars]: You’re the cutest girl with glasses that I know, your smile is the brightest, and I can’t see you smile without smile to my turn! Tinychat with you is mythical, and I think the word which could describe you the best is crazy, you are completely crazy! I love you! Never forget, you’re fabulous, we’re fabulous!

Mari [foxingfaces]: First baby I met here, we don’t talk a lot anymore and what a pity! You’re wonderful, so cute, and I really love you. You’re an artist Mari, don’t forget.

Bianca [octaviusblackthorn]: Biancaaaa! I really like talk with you, you, little girl from Wales! You’re so nice, and idk, there’s something on you that I really like but I don’t know what, OMG! You’re the beautiful lady of Tumblr who I love a lot baby!

Liv [crestadeen]: When you told me last night “our relationship is over”, I felt like “Omg, so she considers me as a friend!”, and I was really happy, cause I love you and your blog a lot! Tu es superbe, et je t’aime fort ma chérie! Et j’adore être ta professeure de français mais tu le sais déjà, now translate ! Mariv forevah bitch!

Noah [capitolspuppet]: You’re just so funny and our questions sessions are the best. You’re my Tumblr crush, and because I’m straight, you’re the only one I could marry here (and fuck humhum sry no too young)… marry me Noah? 

Okey, so my list is over, it’s not a lot of people, but it’s the best!

Fabulous bitches I love to die running blogs that ruin my life: KingaSerena - Satan - JessCece Jem - Decio - Tam - Liss

And no it’s not a follow forever or something like that, ‘cause I put here only blog with bloggers I like. But you should follow all of them anyway!

And a last though for Paula [anniedair] who has left us twice and who was running an amazing blog.

I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS, STAY FABULOUS. [perfections page]